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Is there an IPF/ILD patient association in your country?

IPF patient associations

Did you know your country has a patient association specifically for people with lung fibrosis? Their goal is to support patients with lung fibrosis, especially idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and their families. They also strive for more awareness, earlier diagnoses and more information about this disease. The websites of the patient associations listed below offer you information on IPF, how the diagnosis is made and how the condition is treated. Most websites also offer you the chance to join meetings or discussions to share experiences. On top of that you can get practical advice and support from peers and are able to support other people yourself.


Heart and lung disease patient associations

Did you know your country has a patient association which offers support to people with heart and lung diseases? They aim to improve living conditions for people suffering from these illnesses and promote their health and wellbeing. The associations also contribute to the prevention of heart and lung diseases, for example by financially supporting clinical research. You can find information on heart and lung diseases on the websites listed below. Some patient associations offer meetings, activities or excursions you can attend. It’s also possible to come into contact with peers through discussion forums where you can share experiences and get support.

Scleroderma patient associations

Did you know your country has a special patient association which offers counseling and support for patients suffering from different types of scleroderma? The associations listed below aim to help, inform and support you in your fight against scleroderma. In close collaboration with doctors, they strive to promote research into the causes and therapeutics of scleroderma and increase the knowledge and recognition of the disease. In some countries patient associations may also organize national meetings you can attend and provide discussion forums in which you can increase your social network and share experiences with peers.

Patient associations rare diseases

Did you know your country has a patient association which focusses on rare diseases? They aim to represent your interest and improve your living conditions. They want to help you to better understand your disorder, but they also want get attention for rare disorders and stimulate scientific research. Most associations listed below are umbrella organizations for smaller associations dedicated to a specific disorder. On the websites you can find information about a lot of different rare disorders and links to websites of their members dedicated to your specific illness.